Lugar: Arenas de San Pedro, España.

Fecha: SEP 2018 / Actually

Hey everyone ! Here are Evgeniya Farakh from Russia , Salome Gergeshania from Georgia,  EVS volunteers , Mario Hermina from Egypt and Jordan Floricourt from France (Reunion island) , ESC volunteers.We’d like to share our adventures with you, so enjoy and feel free to ask questions about our countries, EVS/ESC issues or just anything you want.


With love ,  Jo, Mario, Zhenia, Salome

Casa Crisol and Casa del Hobbit

Today is a great day! Why? Because our new story is coming right now, please make your favorite drink and enjoy reading. Let’s start!

This project gave us an unforgettable opportunity to live in the real Spanish family to feel how life is going here from the inside. We lived in different families, so we have our own Spanish parents, brothers, and sisters.

Zhenia: I lived with my Spanish family approximately 5 weeks, except on-arrival training days. You should see the house I was living in, it’s amazing! The house – Casa Crisol – is located a little bit outside Arenas, but anyway you can reach the city center in 15 minutes walk by feet. It’s not just a house, because it’s a luxury rural spa-hotel. There are some little houses for guests and, of course, you can rent a room in this big house on the 1st floor. So, please, feel free: https://casacrisol.com 🙂

So my family lives on the 2nd floor, here always warm and when they are preparing food, it smells sooo good, you can’t even imagine. And also they have two the kindest dogs ever: Sunny and Juan. Juan is Sunny’s father and they are always together. Every day Sunny wanted to go with me to the work, but she is not allowed to do this, so it was really fun how I was running not to give her a chance to follow me on my way. My Spanish father is a really hard worker because he is doing all the hotel staff by himself. And you know it was a TV Show, something like ”Fighting of the hotels”, and my Casa Crisol was participating, actually we won this competition. You know what does it mean? I was living in the most famous place in Arenas with real celebrities. And he is keen on sport, like swimming, running, cycling etc. My Spanish mother is absolutely cheerful and awesome, full of energy and laugh. 

They are really active, the stereotype that Spanish people are lazy and want to do nothing is totally broken. There were days even without siesta sofa-time! All the time sports, music band repetitions, English classes(yea, I’m really proud of my Spanish mummy), etc. On the weekends going somewhere (and I traveled with them, you will read about that in the next posts).

20 days later..

I can’t believe I already spent all this time in Arenas de San Pedro! I need to take place in this wonderful work rhythm. Life here is incredible. I understand now that home is just a place you feel comfortable with people… I will tell you more about how I got here!

See you soon !!

With Love, Jo

She is a teacher in the school, so she finishes the main part of her work at 2 pm (don’t forget, that you need to prepare lessons, to check students papers) and we always had lunch together at 3 pm, the time when you can talk and just have fun. Sometimes it was hard because of the language gap, my Spanish is zero level, and their English is not so perfect, so we needed to repeat some sentences many times in different words to clarify the main idea. But it is always fun. My Spanish brother is so enthusiastic, creative, easy-going and, of course, the sport is his passion. It’s the reason why one of his favorite school subjects is Physical Education. He plays drums, guitar, practicing kayaking. It was the best evenings when he was playing drums and his mother was playing the saxophone. Both of them take a part in the local music band.

Every Tuesday we have a common dinner with Salome’s family because they are really good friends and its kind of a tradition. I was thinking to create something similar in my home country. I wrote that we have dinner, not had, because we still invited to Tuesday dinner, even after starting living on our own.

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