Períodos: 11 de febrero 2018 – 08 de abril 2018

10 de abril 2018 – 05 de junio 2018

05 de agosto 2018 – 30 de septiembre 2018

03 de octubre 2018 – 28 de noviembre 2018

Duración: 2 meses

Place: Pamukkale/Denizli, Turquía

Organización de acogida: Pamukkale Municipality

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 Organización de envío: Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios,

Descripción del proyecto:

Our main aim as Pamukkale Municipality is to improve quality of service. We also aim to accelerate the work of social and cultural activities and facilities for our citizens. With
our Project “The Happy Guest Of Pamukkale” our goal is to promote volunteering between university students.

The volunteers will be a part of a 59 days short-term EVS project with someone from a different country. Therefore, each period of the project will have 2 volunteers. Over the course of the project, the project will have a total of 12 volunteers in 12 months.

The main activity of the project will be English Speaking Lessons and Cultural Promotion lessons for university students. Each volunteer will take part in teaching more than 200 different university students. thus learning about diverse cultures and outlooks on life.
Predicted Main Activities:

  • Voluntary Courses with Economically Disadvantaged University Students Aged 19-25:

– English Speaking Lessons;

– Cultural Promotion Lessons;

– Other voluntary courses.

  • Non-formal Education methods:

– Project Cycle Management;
– Campaign Management.

  • Turkish Lessons.

Más información: EVS info pack- The Happy Guest Of Pamukkale